About Curiously.

Our Mission

Curiously Cannabis’ mission is to introduce newer users to cannabis in a safe, mild form.

Other cannabis products on the market generally contain at least 10mg per dose. To a new user, that would be like having your first taste of alcohol be a double shot of whiskey.

Our original product, Rayne Drops, are more like a nice glass of wine. Each piece is only 5mg. You can try an entire piece or even break it in half if you’re completely new to cannabis. 

Now you can feel secure in exploring the mild relaxation effects of cannabis.

Our Product

Rayne Drops 5 MG

Rayne Drops 5mg give a noticeable relaxing feeling for body and mind.

  • Pesticide Free

    Regularly tested to ensure zero pesticides are used

  • Solvent Free

    The cannabis we use has zero harmful solvents

  • Organic

    All food ingredients we use are USDA Certified Organic

You can purchase Rayne Drops in one of these dispensaries.